On This Day... 16th August

Coincraft's 'Telling History with Money'

In this feature, we look back at historical events that have occurred on this date.
Today, 16th Aug 2019, marks the anniversary of two historical events in British history. One is the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre, the other the 506th anniversary of the Battle of the Spurs or Battle of Guinegate.

In remembrance of all of the victims of the massacre, we are giving one of our collectors the chance to own a special coin minted in 1819, the very same year of the massacre, by King George III. We only have one coin available, so if you are unable to place your order, it's because someone else has already bought it...

To celebrate the victory of Henry VIII and Maximilian I (Holy Roman Emperor), over Louis XII of France at the Battle of the Spurs, we bring you a Henry VIII Halfgroat from the Canterbury Mint. Again we only have one available, so act quickly!

16th August 1819, Massacre of Peterloo
During the reign of George III and following the end of the Napoleonic Wars of 1815, Britain went through periods of famine and severe unemployment, which the introduction of the first of the Corn Laws only worsened. To protest against the poor living conditions and the relative lack of suffrage in Northern England, 60,000 peaceful protesters assembled in what is now St Peter's Square, Manchester.

The Massacre occurred when the local Yeomanry were given the task of arresting the speakers and charged the crowds on horseback, armed with sabres and clubs. The charge resulted in an estimated 18 people dying from sabre cuts and trampling, including four women and a child, as well as several hundred injured.

In the aftermath of the Massacre, the event was named Peterloo and is today regarded by historians as hugely influential in ordinary people obtaining the right to vote. Below we present a George III Crown in Good Fine from the year of the massacre (1819) a nice coin, now over 200 years old.
George III, Crown 1819 LIX Good Fine
Diameter:38.10 mm

16th August 1513, Battle of the Spurs or Battle of Guinegate
In 1513 Henry VIII allied with Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, were besieging the town of Thérouanne in Artois (now Pas-de-Calais), the battle occurred during the Italian Wars and involved most of the Italian states as well as France, the Holy Roman Empire, Spain, England and the Ottoman Empire.

During this battle, the French attempted with light cavalry to bring supplies to the besieged garrison. Their efforts were, however, to no avail, as English and Imperial troops surprised this force and made the French engage in a battle for which they were not prepared. The battle was characterised by an extensive pursuit of French troops who had to spur their horses to retreat, thus giving the battle its name.

Today also marks the 506th anniversary of the battle, and we thought you might want to celebrate the Tudor King's victory by adding the Halfgroat below to your collection. But please remember that we only have one in stock...
Henry VIII, Silver Halfgroat, Canterbury Mint, Fine to Very Fine
Dimensions: 20 mm