Nigeria, 1959 1/2d

This bronze Halfpenny from the Federation of Nigeria is a one year type coin, the last coin of Nigeria with the legend Queen Elizabeth the Second. The coins are Brilliant Uncirculated but have mellowed just a bit over the past 59 years. They have a hole in them, so the locals could carry them on a string. These coins are much more difficult to find than the catalogue indicates, in fact we cannot remember the last time we had some. Priced at less than catalogue and a difficult coin to find.
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Picture of British West Africa  GVI 1950 KN 1/10 Penny BU

British West Africa GVI 1950 KN 1/10 Penny BU

The smallest coin issued by British West Africa under Kings George V and George VI is the 1/10th Penny. It is about the size of the old sixpence, struck in cupro-nickel and with a hole in the middle. The hole was so the locals could carry the coins on a string as they didn’t have pockets. Uncirculated condition and generally difficult to find.
Buffalo_Nickel_1913 - 1938_1

United States of America, Buffalo Nickel, 1913 - 1938. In circulated condition.

US Buffalo Nickel, 1913. In circulated condition. First struck in 1913 and now 111 years old, this popular design was part of an attempt to make the US coinage more attractive. This five Cent coin features the head of a Native Indian on one side and an American Bison on the reverse. They quickly proved popular with the American public and despite concerns about how quickly the coins became worn in circulation, continued to be minted until 1938 when they were replaced by the Jefferson Nickel. All coins have a full date. Most coins are dated in the 1930s. Dates of our choice.
Greece 10 Lepta 1976 Unc-obv

Greece, 10 Lepta 1976 Unc

In the 1970s Greece became a Republic and they had terrible inflation. They started to strike their coins in aluminium. It didn’t work because even the value of aluminium was greater than their face value. About 30 years ago we are able to buy a quantity of these coins from a friend in Greece. The coins are all in Uncirculated condition and we haven’t seen any quantity of these coins since. I think they are underappreciated and know that they are scarcer than either the catalogue or collectors realise. Were we offer the 1976 10 Lepta in Unc. We sell nothing as an investment, but these coins are harder to find than most people realise. Get them while you can…