New Zealand, George VI, Penny 1949 Fine

New Zealand 1949 Penny in Fine
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Picture of New Zealand, 1947 Type Set Circulated

New Zealand, 1947 Type Set Circulated

In 1947 New Zealand changed their coins over from silver to cupro-nickel. But as India got its independence, they had to change King George VI’s title from Emperor to King the very next year. That makes the 1947 coinage of New Zealand a one year type coinage. You get the Halfcrown, Florin, Shilling, Sixpence and Threepence in cupro-nickel plus the bronze Penny and Halfpenny. They were the first of the new coinage, but they only lasted a year. All coins are in selected circulated condition. Well worth adding to your collection, after all it is George VI and a one year type
Malaya & British Borneo, 10c 1961 Unc_obv

Malaya & British Borneo, 10c 1961 Unc

This is a fantastic coin because it represents two countries that no longer exist and yet it carries the portrait of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. It is a 10 Cents issued by Malaya & British Borneo in 1961 just 9 years after she took the throne and the last year that they were issued. They are in Uncirculated condition but have mellowed just a bit over the past 61 years. Very Difficult to find today and somewhat rare.
New Zealand, 1941 Halfpenny Circulated_obv

New Zealand, George VI, Halfpenny 1941 Circulated

1941 New Zealand George VI Halfpenny Circulated