New Zealand 20 Dollars 2016 P193 Polymer Unc

There is much talk as the whether countries, outside of the UK, issuing banknotes with the monarch’s portrait would continue now that Charles is King. Countries like Zealand retained Queen Elizabeth’s portrait on the 20 dollar denomination and we can offer it now. It's a beautiful green banknote showing Her Majesty in a more formal attire, wearing a tiara and a fancy diamond necklace. Crisp Uncirculated and limited availability.
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Picture of Bahamas Half Dollar (2019) P-New Unc

Bahamas Half Dollar (2019) P-New Unc

Crisp, Uncirculated Fifty Cents Notes from the Bahamas (P-New) These haven’t long been issued and are quite stylish. They are printed on a strengthened substrate. A mature portrait of Queen Elizabeth appears on the front alongside a map of the island and a flower. The back printed in vertical format features a portrait of Sister Sarah in the market with additional vignettes of basket ware. Uncirculated.
East Caribbean 5 Dollars P-New Polymer Unc

East Caribbean 5 Dollars P-New Polymer Unc

The East Caribbean Central Bank has been changing from paper and now issue their banknotes on polymer. From this new series, we offer uncirculated examples of the polymer 5 dollars (P-New) Printed vertically in a vibrant green a mature facing portrait of Elizabeth II dominates the front with a hummingbird below. On the back, the impressive Trafalgar Falls in Dominica are featured alongside a vignette of Admiral’s House in Antigua and Barbuda. Uncirculated.