New Stock September 2023 (Banknotes)

In this new upload, we bring you the very last of a series, as well as the first prefixes of British notes. We pay a visit to British Overseas Territories, and we travel further afield to the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa! Get these banknotes while stock lasts!

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J S Fforde Portrait 10/- B311 M80 Very Last Prefix Unc

J S Fforde Portrait 10/- B311 M80 Very Last Prefix Unc

In 1971 the Bank of England stopped issuing the 10 shilling note when a new 50 pence coin was introduced. As a denomination it has been introduced in 1928 and just 43 years later vanished from circulation. The last Chief Cashier to sign the 10 shilling note denomination was J S Fforde. During that time we know replacement notes were produced with the M prefix. The very last of these replacement notes had the prefix M80 (B311) They are tough to find in any grade and missing from a lot of collections. In Uncirculated finding them is even tougher.
Japan 2000 Yen  (2000) P103/TBB364a Unc

Japan 2000 Yen (2000) P103/TBB364a Unc

This 2000 yen note was first issued by Japan in the year 2000 to mark the G8 Summit which was held in Okinawa the same year (P103) It was an unusual denomination and it did not prove very popular with the public. Production ceased in 2003. The front shows the Main Gate of Shuri Castle in Naha Okinawa while on the back we find scrolls and calligraphy found in the world’s first novel – the 11th century The Diary of Lady Murisaki Crisp Uncirculated and limited availability.
Laos 5000 Kip P-34 Unc

Laos 5000 Kip P-34 Unc

Laos 5000 kip 2003 P34 Grey and mauve Man at l and temple in background/ Industrial plant Unc
Portugal 100 Escudos 1980-85 P178 Unc

Portugal 100 Escudos 1980-85 P178 Unc

This blue 100 escudos notes are dated 1981 and 1987 and feature Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage, an important 18th century poet. On the back, we find a 19th century view of O Rossio, otherwise known as the King Pedro IV Square in the heart of Lisbon. (P178b) Uncirculated.
South Africa_5 rand nd (1978-94) P119_UNC

South Africa, 5 rand nd (1978-94) P119. UNC

Issued between 1988 and 1994 featuring the portrait of Jan van Rievbeeck.