New Stock May 2024

The latest stock for May has arrived, featuring the Richard I Silver Penny, available in two conditions: Very Good and Fine. The only coins from his rule are the shortcross pennies, which are rare due to his brief reign from 1189-1199. Additionally, we have the George IV Halfpenny, offered in three different conditions: Fair, Very Good, and Fine. These were minted in Copper for just three years (1825-1827), making them a rare find in many collections. Moreover, we present the 1999 Deluxe Proof Set. That year, the Royal Mint released a commemorative £5 coin in honour of Diana, Princess of Wales, who passed away in 1997. This is a highly significant set.

Alongside these thrilling new coins, we encourage you to delve into our extensive collection of collectibles. Our offerings include British coins, ancient, hammered and medieval pieces, world coins, proof sets, coin covers, stamps, and medals.

Make sure not to miss out, as there is limited stock availability!

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1994 50p D-Day Piedfort_obv

1994 50p D-Day Piedfort

In 1994, the Royal Mint commemorated the 50th anniversary of D-Day with this new 50 pence coin, just as we are celebrating the 80th anniversary today. We have these coins in all of the strikes made at the time and some are now quite difficult to get and are in short supply.
1999  Deluxe Proof Set_main

1999 Deluxe Proof Set

In 1999 the Royal Mint issued a commemorative £5 for the death of Diana Princess of Wales in 1997. In fact you have the portrait of Diana on one side and her ex-mother-in-law on the other side. We are not sure that it pleased the Queen all that much, but it had to be done! Each Proof Set contains the 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2 and £5. The £2 is a commemorative for the Rugby World Cup and the £5 is the Diana commemorative, so it makes it a very interesting set. Also, and very importantly, the 10p and the £1 coins were not issued for circulation. So if you need either of these, you need to break up a set. As many collectors are trying to complete their Pound collection, this is a very important set.
2005 50p Dictionary Silver Piedfort_obv

2005 50p Dictionary Silver Piedfort

In 2005 the Royal Mint issued a commemorative 50 Pence to honour the 250th anniversary of Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language. Without this momentous work, we wouldn’t know what a lot of words mean today. You have a series of words on one side with the inscription ‘Johnson’s Dictionary 1755’. The other side has a portrait of H.M. the Queen and this coin is struck in Proof Sterling Silver. This is also a coin that is missing from many collections, especially in Silver. Supplies are limited and we believe that our price for this older and very important commemorative coin is less than the Royal Mint will be charging for this year’s commemorative.
Aspron Trachy of Isaac II Angelos_obv

Aspron Trachy of Isaac II Angelos

Born in 1156 A.D., Isaac II Angelos was Byzantine Emperor from 1185 to 1195 and briefly in 1203. He ascended to the throne during a period of intense political upheaval, confronting challenges from both internal dissent and external pressures. Isaac grappled with the formidable Fourth Crusade and the intricate diplomacy required in dealing with the Latin West. His rule was marred by political unrest, uprisings, and military setbacks. Despite the adversities he confronted, Isaac II Angelos remains a compelling figure in Byzantine history. We are offering these Aspron trachy from his reign in “Fine” grade which have a green patina, the obverse has the Virgin Mary and the reverse Isaac II. PLEASE NOTE: Photography is representative of the coin supplied
Belgium WWII 3-coin set_main

Belgium WWII 3-coin set

After Germany occupied Belgium 1940, all silver coinage was discontinued. By the following year, zinc coinage had replaced all other metals for lower denomination coins in circulation. We can now off er you a set of 3 of these coins. They are the 25 centimes, the 1 franc and the 5 franc coins.
Better Sterling Silver Florins  of George V_obv

Better Sterling Silver Florins of George V

Here’s a rare opportunity for the date series collectors amongst you to find those missing dates to add to your collections. Earlier dates are Scarcer, 1913 being the Key date in the series, these were the last Sterling silver Florins to be issued. From 1920, they were reduced to 500 fineness silver. These are better than the usual VG-F grade we off er and it’s the first time we’ve given you the opportunity to buy these in better grade by date for over 10 years!
From £35.00
Billon Tanka of Firoz Shah Tughluq_obv

Billon Tanka of Firoz Shah Tughluq

Firoz Shah Tughluq was 42 when he became Sultan of Delhi in 1351 and he ruled until 1388. Much of what we know about him comes from his 32-page autobiography, titled Futuhat-e-fi rozshahi. He faced many rebellions at the start of his reign but he worked to improve the infrastructure of the empire building hospitals, canals, reservoirs and wells. He founded several cities around Delhi, including Jaunpur, Firozpur, Hissar, Firozabad, Fatehabad. We have just bought a small group of these billon (debased silver) Tankas from his reign.
Canada 2 x 'V' Nickels 1943-1945_main

Canada 2 x 'V' Nickels 1943-1945

As part of this issue commemorating D-Day, we are offering this pair of Canadian 5-cent coins minted between 1943 and 1945 to support the war eff ort. The 1943 coin was struck in tombac (a copper-zinc alloy), and the same coin in chromium plated steel, which circulated between 1944 and 1945. On the obverse of both coins is a “V” to represent victory and the value of the coin, flanked by 2 maple leaves with a superimposed torch. If you look carefully, you will also see a Morse code inscription which means “We win when we work willingly”. These coins come in Very Fine condition.
Canada, Charles III, 2024 Silver Maple BU_obv

Canada, Charles III, 2024 Silver Maple BU

The New 2024 Canadian Maple Leaf's have come in and for the first time they feature the bust of King Charles III. Each coin contains one ounce of 999.9 fi ne silver. The coins have a multifaceted surface which makes them not only shine but gleam as well. You can’t get any coins with any purer silver than these. You will love them. Although the price of silver has been on the move, we have tried to keep our prices as low as possible.