Nevis Diana 9 First Day Covers

In 1997 the Caribbean island of Nevis honoured the late Diana Princess of Wales with a series of 9 different stamps. Each stamp has a close-up portrait of Diana. Each stamp is on a full-colour First Day Cover and cancelled on the First Day of Issue, the 19th of September 1997. She was a very beautiful woman and these stamps show just that. You get all nine different First Day Covers for just £8.95, but supplies are very limited. Today they are 23 years old and show a beautiful woman on nine (9) different First Day Covers.
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The Pound coins toward the end of the series have always been difficult to find in Uncirculated condition. No one put them away as no one realized they were going to change the composition and design of the Pound. Not only did we have managed to obtain the difficult 2009 Pound, but the coins we have are also from the Mint Set and thus in Specimen BU condition. The Mint issues three grades of coins, Uncirculated that you get in your change with all the bag marks that entails. Specimen Briliant Uncirculated, were in bubble packs, Uncirculated but with beautiful Prooflike surfaces. Then there is Proof which requires the coin to have multiple strikes to get the almost perfect surface. These 2009 Pounds we are offering are in Specimen Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
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One of the most loved American coin is the Buffalo nickel or 5 cent coin, issued between 1913 and 1938. Of course it is not a buffalo although everyone calls it that. It is in fact a bison. On one side you have the buffalo and on the other side you have a Native American Indian. This gold plated cufflink has the Native American Indian head featured on the reverse of the 5 cent bufallo nickel on top.
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In 1967 the Royal Mint issued the last Halfcrown for circulation a denomination that had been going since the reign of King Edward VI. For those of you too young to remember, a Halfcrown was Two Shillings and Sixpence. These were the largest circulating coins issued at the time and had a decimal equivalent of 12.5p. They are dated 1967 and are in Uncirculated condition. At that time you felt lucky if you were given a Halfcrown at Christmas as a gift. On the front is the youthful portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and on the back is a crowned shield with E R at the sides with the denomination and the date.