Netherlands, Silver 1 Gulden of Juliana (1954-1968) Extremely Fine

These silver 1 Gulden pieces were issued under Queen Juliana between 1954-1968. You have the Queen’s portrait on one side and the crowned standing lion of the Netherlands on the other side. The coins are in Extremely Fine condition and now of course have been replaced by Euro coins. Shame to see history obliterated in order to push a far less attractive issue. A coin struck in silver when money was money…
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NETHERLANDS 2 1/2 GULDEN 1959-1966 Extremely Fine

The creation of a unified monetary system in the Netherlands in the early 18th century saw the introduction of the guilder or gulden. Thanks to similarities in size and quality, old ducats and “rijksdaalder” became 2½ guilders. The coin was routinely nicknamed a rijksdaalder right up to the introduction of the euro in 2002. We have a number of these coins issued in silver between 1959 and 1966 and in Extremely Fine condition. These were the last of the denominations to be struck in silver before being replaced by nickel.
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Turkey, Anatolia, Kaykhusraw II, Dirham (Lion & Sun Type - Seljuq sultans of Rum) Good Very Fine

Ghiyath al-Din Kaykhusraw II was the sultan of the Seljuqs of Rûm from 1237 until his death in 1246. He ruled at the time of the Babai uprising and the Mongol invasion of Anatolia. He led the Seljuq army with its Christian allies at the Battle of Köse Dağ in 1243 and was the last of the Seljuq sultans to wield any significant power, he died a vassal of the Mongols. Between ca. 1240–1243 a series of remarkable silver dirhams were struck in Kaykhusraw’s name depicting a lion and sun. Generally, Islamic traditions forbid representations of living things so it is very unusual to find such iconography on Islamic coins. Several explanations of the lion and sun have been offered to suggest that the images represent the constellation Leo, the astrological sign of Kaykhusraw’s beloved Georgian wife Tamar or that the lion represents Kaykhusraw and the sun Tamar. Grading Good Very Fine, these are beautiful silver coins struck around 780 years ago. Limited availability and the first time we have offered these coins.