Netherlands East Indies, 1945 Set of Three BU

This is a set of the last coins struck for the Netherlands East Indies, but it is also a very special set of coins. First, they are the last coins of the Netherlands East Indies. Second, they were struck during World War II, and third, they were struck at the Philadelphia Mint in the United States. There are three coins all dated 1945, 1/2 Cent, 1 Cent, and 2 1/2 Cents all in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. A dealer friend of ours found them at the bottom of his cupboard. He found just 100 sets.
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In 1928, for the first time, coins were issued for the now ‘Irish Republic’. We can offer the Penny, Halfpenny, Threepence, and Sixpence all dated 1928, the first year of the new coins, and of course new designs. The Halfpenny has a pig or sows on it, the Penny a hen with chicks, the Threepence a hare, and the Sixpence an Irish Wolfhound. All the coins are in Fine to Very Fine condition and have been hand-selected as to condition. The first coins of a new country and not easy to put together these days…
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Lebanon has one of the most interesting histories in the Middle East. At one time it was known as the Monte Carlo of the Middle East. Then it spent years in turmoil and civil war, now it is starting to regain its place in the world and starting to regain its stature. We are very lucky to be able to get a 5-coin Mint Set from Lebanon, as coins are not all that easy to get out of the country, especially current coins in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. You get the 25 Livres, 50 Livres, 100 Livres, 250 Livres and the 500 Livres dated 1996-2006 all in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
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This British Colony no longer exists, after this coin was struck some 107 years ago, it became East Africa and after that Uganda. We bought a hoard of these One Cent coins struck at The Mint Birmingham Ltd. in 1912 with the H mintmark. I have never seen this coin before in such wonderful quality. They were issued under King George V and are now 107 years old. They were struck with a hole in the centre so the natives, who did not have pockets, could string them around their neck. You have a crown and the name of King George V on one side with the denomination on the other side. These are beautiful coins and they should really be in your collection. Once this hoard is gone, there will be no more. Brilliant Uncirculated, 107 years old and struck when Britain really had an Empire. They are Rare so choice.