Netherlands, Dutch World War II 3 Coin Type Set

During World War II, despite all the fighting, the people still needed coins in their everyday life. Gresham’s Law is that bad money drives good money out of circulation. Basically that when you issue coins in a base metal, those struck in a precious or semi precious metal will disappear as a means of conserving assets. So in the Netherlands, coins that were originally struck in silver and copper, metals that were useful in the War, were replaced by coins struck in Zinc. This is a grey metal but it was all that was available. We have three different denominations 1 Cent, 10 Cents and 25 Cents. The 25 Cents has sailing ship on it. We offer the denomination type set of 3 coins: 2 different 1 cent coins, 3 different 10 cent coins and 2 different 25 Cents. All coins are in Very Fine condition but they are struck in Zinc not one of the most attractive metals.
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