Ned Kelly Medal Collection

Ned Kelly was the Australian criminal that was best known for fighting the police while wearing a metal helmet, which must have been tough in the Australian heat. We were only able to get 100 sets of these five medallions. The obverse shows Kelly with arms crossed each with a pistol, his famous metal helmet, the dates 1855-1880 and his most famous line ‘Such is life’. There are fi ve diff erent colour pictures of him on the reverses. They are full crownsized and gold plated. Each medal comes in a protective capsule and the set comes in a Worth Collection display case.
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Elizabeth II 5 Medallion Collection in Case

Elizabeth II, 5 Medallion Collection in Case

Queen Elizabeth II: five important medallions covering various parts of her long and glorious reign. Full-colour meddalions in the famous Worth Collection Presentation Case. We doubt many companies are offering you a collection of 5 different medallions in a presentation case for just £19.50. Coincraft – Britain’s Coin Shop gives you The Worth Collection value for the money.