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Picture of France, Napoleon, gilt brass plaque in frame

France, Napoleon, gilt brass plaque in frame

19th century gilt brass uniface plaque of Napoleon mounted in wooden frame measuring 223 x 190 mm
St Helena, Napoleonic Wars Gold/Silver Plated Coins

St Helena, Napoleonic Wars (25 Pence) 2013 Gold/Silver Plated Crowns

This is a collection of Crowns issued by St. Helena about Napoleon. St. Helena is a very small island in the Atlantic Ocean halfway between Africa and South America. It is always been known as the place where Napoleon died and where he was buried for many years. It is a very remote island and almost impossible to attack. These Gold/Silver plated Crowns depict the Napoleonic wars and Napoleon's life. Each piece has a full-colour rendition of an event that took place during the Napoleonic Wars.
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