Namibia 30 Dollars 2020 30th Ann Polymer Unc

Celebrating 30 years of Independence, this special 30 dollar note dated 2020 is Namibia’s first-ever polymer issue (P-New). The front shows the three peacetime Presidents Nujoma, Pohamba, and Geingob, while the back and clear security window show images of the native Black Rhino. Uncirculated.
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Canada 1 dollar 1967 Centennial  P84a Unc

Canada 1 dollar 1967 Centennial P84a Unc

In 1967, Canada had year long celebrations to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. Part of the celebrations included the issue of a special 1 dollar note (P84a) It followed the regular design for the 1 dollar bill but had the unusual feature of the serial numbers being replaced by the date of the centenary 1867-1967. We are delighted to offer Crisp Uncirculated examples of this very unusual dollar.
Lebanon Set 7 Unc

Lebanon Set 7 Unc

A complete set of the notes issued by Lebanon between the 1960’s and 1980’s. There are 7 different values ranging from the 1 livre through to the 250 livres (P61-7). They are wonderfully illustrated with views of ancient ruins alongside illustrations of a grotto, a stone bridge, a rocky seascape, an ancient fort and temple, a view of a town, and the famous Lebanese cedars. Uncirculated example.
Kuwait 1 Dinar 2001 PCS2/TBBNP202a Polymer Unc_obv

Kuwait 1 Dinar 2001 PCS2/TBBNP202a Polymer Unc

In 2001, Kuwait celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Liberation of Kuwait after the Gulf War by issuing a polymer 1 dinar note (PCS2). The front features the arms of the bank. The back shows a victorious soldier holding a flag aloft and scene from Kuwait City. Uncirculated and limited availability.