N Ireland Northern Bank £20 1999 P199b AUnc

The Northern Bank was one of Ireland’s oldest banks. Founded in Belfast in 1809, it issued banknotes in its own name until 2013 when it took on the trading name of Danske Bank who had acquired the bank in 2004. This £20 note is dated October 1999 and was issued in the name of the Northern Bank (P199b) The design follows the Inventor Series with a portrait on the front of H Ferguson and a vignette of an early tractor. The back features the pediment and twin towers found on City Hall Belfast. Crisp A Uncirculated.
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Northern Bank £20 1999 P100b Mauve. H Ferguson at o and early tractor/ Bank building pediment Unc

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N Ireland Ulster Bank £20 2020 Polymer P-New Unc

N Ireland Ulster Bank £20 2020 Polymer P-New Unc

The Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland has issued its new polymer £20 note completing the transition from paper to polymer for this denomination. We can offer Crisp Uncirculated examples of the Ulster Bank £20 printed on paper and dated 2014 (P342b) along with Uncirculated examples of the new Polymer £20 (P-New) The paper Ulster Bank £20 features vignettes of wheat stacks in a field, a view of Belfast Docks and the Giant’s Causeway on the front and the Ulster Bank logo on the back. The new polymer Ulster Bank £20 is printed vertically with Hawthorne flowers, a butterfly, eels, and a view of Lough Neagh on the front. The back, also printed vertically, has a vignette of the famous Halloween celebrations held in Derry/ Londonderry with street entertainers and their audience with eels and typical brickwork designs also featured. Available separately in Uncirculated or save when you buy the pair.
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N Ireland Ulster Bank £10 2012 P341 Unc

Like all constituents of the British Isles, the banks in Northern Ireland have made the switch from printing banknotes on paper to polymer plastic. We are delighted to offer examples of the last Paper £10 notes issued by the Ulster Bank and dated 2012 (P341). The design follows the format of all denominations of the time with vignettes of wheat fields, Belfast Docks and the Giant’s Causeway. Crisp Uncirculated.