N Ireland Northern Bank £1 1970 P187a Training Purposes Unc

In 1970, the Belfast Banking Company was absorbed by the Northern Bank. It was decided a new series of notes was called for. Each denomination was a different colour with a common design of vignettes representing agriculture, shipping and linen manufacture. As you would expect, the notes were produced both as regular notes and as Specimens. What was unusual about the £1 note issue, however, was that a small number of Specimen £1 notes were overprinted Specimen -For Training Purposes Only Non-Negotiable in red on both sides of the notes. This was no doubt to enable staff to get used to the new notes before they were issued to the public (P187a/NR87). We recently came across some of these special Training Notes in Crisp Uncirculated condition. It’s been many, many years since we have had more than one to offer to our collectors. This note catalogues £60 in Uncirculated in the Paper Money of Ireland Catalogue. While stocks last, it is available.
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