Mint Set 1992 With EU 50 Pence

The 1992 Mint Set is one of the most important that the Royal Mint has issued. That is because four of the coins in it, were not struck for circulation. For this is the set here the Mint changed over from bronze 1p & 2p coins to copper plated steel. They also reduced the size of the 10 Pence coin. You get the 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p large and small, 20p, Britannia 50p and EU 50 Pence all in a full colour presentation case. The 1p & 2p are struck in bronze and were not issued for circulation. You get the large sized 10p which was not issued for circulation. Finally you get the Britannia 50 Pence which was not issued for circulation. This is a very important set because it contains three coins that were radically changed and the 50 pence which was not issued.
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