Mint Set 1989

For some reason the 1989 Mint Set has always been one of the more difficult to get. Perhaps there wasn’t so much interest that year and collectors didn’t buy so many. I don’t know the reason, but I do know that we are always running short of the 1989 Mint Sets. Perhaps one reason is that the 10p and the 50p for 1989 were not issued for circulation, which means that you have to break up a set to get these two coins. They are of course, in the Mint Set. The Royal Mint calls these coins Uncirculated, but they are in fact Specimen striking's. That means better than Uncirculated but not quite Proof condition. If you compare them to the coins you get in your change, you will see that they are much nicer quality. Each set contains the £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p coins all struck in Specimen Uncirculated quality. Remember that the 10p and the 50p were not struck for circulation.
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Picture of George VI Collection - Coins, banknote and stamp

George VI Collection - Coins, banknote and stamp

We all admired the excellent award-winning movie, ‘The King’s Speech’ in 2010 which showed King George VI’s determination and strength. Now you can own original coins from the reign of George VI issued from 1937-1952, a Coronation Stamp issued in 1937 and a banknote issued just after World War II. You’ll receive the coins that were actually used during George VI’s reign: the bronze Farthing, Halfpenny and Penny, plus the brass Threepence, Silver Threepence and cupronickel Sixpence, Shilling, Florin and Half Crown. These are original, genuine coins and were actually used as money in the reign of King George VI. You also get an Uncirculated British Armed Forces 2nd series Pound issued by Command of the Army Council in 1948. To top it off, you get a Mint stamp issued in 1937 for George VI’s Coronation, issued and overprinted for use in British Morocco. This collection is exclusive to Coincraft. The entire collection comes in a presentation wallet loaded with interesting and historic information.