United Kingdom 1982 Mint Set

It wasn’t until 1982 that the Royal Mint started to issue Mint Sets on a regular basis.They issued these sets in full colour cardboard holders. The bubble packs, as we call them, contain lots of interesting information about the coins. The Mint calls these coins Uncirculated but in fact they are far better quality, we call them Specimens. The following coins are including in the 1982 Mint Set, but were not issued for circulation the, 2p, 5p and 10p.
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In 2002, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 50th or Golden Jubilee as our Queen. The Royal Mint issued a special commemorative £5 to honour the event. In many ways it is similar to the Coronation Crown of 1953, as the Queen is riding her horse. The obverse is the Queen with her crown and a most striking portrait it is. They are in Uncirculated condition and now, 20 years later, following the passing of our longest reigning monarch, they are one of the most sought after coins of her reign.