Merlyn Lowther Historical £5 Fry B393 (HA01 Prefix)

In March 2002, the Bank of England introduced a new design for the £5 note with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front and Elizabeth Fry, prison reformer, on the back. (B393) Within days, the Bank suspended the issue. Reports were coming in that the serial numbers could be easily rubbed off. The problem was addressed and in August 2002 the issue was resumed. We are offering Crisp Uncirculated examples of the very first £5 notes from this series all with the prefix HA01 and intact. Increasingly difficult to find in Uncirculated!
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Merlyn Lowther £5 Blue Historical B393 Queen/ Elizabeth Fry HA01 Very first prefix for what turned out to be a shortlived variety before adjustments made Unc

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