Merlyn Lowther Historical £10 Darwin B388 AA01 3 X The Unc

When this Lowther £10 note was issued in November 2000, it took a bit of time before it was realised there was a mistake in the wording of the Copyright details around the watermark area. Somehow an extra THE had slipped in. So many had been printed before the error was noticed that is now regarded as a variety (B388) Eventually the error was corrected. We are delighted to be able to offer some of the first notes all with the prefix AA01. Uncirculated and always an important note!
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Merlyn Lowther £10 Orange Historical B388 Queen/ Darwin AA01 Unc

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First prefix AA01 Elgar issued in 1999 with signature of Merlyn Lowther as Chief Cashier
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It wasn’t until a few years ago that Guernsey included a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on its banknotes and it never issued a £1 note with her portrait. These Bailiwick £1 notes were issued in the 1970s (P45b) The arms of the Bailiwick are on the front. A view of Castle Cornet is on the back. We offer Uncirculated Bailiwick £1 notes signed by Hodder as States Treasurer. Limited availability.