Maximian Billon Follis AEF

Maximian was humbly born around A.D. 250 near Sirmium. He rose rapidly through a military career and was chosen by the emperor Diocletian as his co-emperor in A.D. 286. After a successful reign he reluctantly abdicated with the senior emperor Diocletian in A.D. 305. But Maxentius, his son, rebelled in Rome in A.D. 306 against the current emperor Galerius, luring Maximian out of retirement. In A.D. 308 he tried to usurp Maxentius’ authority so was forced to take refuge in Gaul with his son-in-law Constantine. Trying the same in A.D. 310 Maximian was besieged and defeated by Constantine, dying rather than retire. The coins we offer here are Billon Follis in About Extremely Fine condition showing his laureate bust on the obverse and with various reverses. They are from the same small group as the Diocletian Follis from last issue meaning they are big, beautiful and there are only 22 of them so do not miss out…
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Maximian Billon Follis AEF

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