Mauryan Dynasty Punchmarked Karshapana

The Mauryan Dynasty was a vast empire in South Asia founded by Chandragupta Maurya in 322 BC and based in the Magadha, region. The currency at the time was not made using dies but rather blank pieces of metal which were cut to a weight standard and then authenticated using a variety of punch-marks such as bull, elephant, rabbit, sun, tree, peacock, wheel, standing figures etc. The pieces we offer here are cut into various circular, oblong, square or just irregular shapes and are known as Karshapana. The punch-marks are fascinating and would have likely meant something to the people at the time who handled these ‘coins’ on a daily basis. They are some of earliest forms of currency and are now over 2200 years old. Own a fascinating piece of ancient history starting from £24.95 each.
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