Malta, £50 Sterling note, ca. 1888 (PS116)

Incredibly rare and unpriced in Pick.
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Incredibly Rare Malta Notes Unpriced in the Catalogue

The island of Malta has been inhabited since about 5200 BC when settlers came over from Sicily. It was under French rule from 1798-1800, and then was taken over by the British. It remained British until 1964 when it gained its independence.

The first bank that opened after the British took over, was the Anglo-Maltese Bank in 1809. The founders shortly thereafter issued banknotes, but they were denominated in Scudi. In 1888 the Government declared that the notes be denominated in Pounds Sterling or British Pounds and so this note for £50 Sterling when it was issued.

This beautiful Banco Anglo Maltese £50 was issued around 1888. The note is printed in black ink on a very fine crinkly type paper, about the size of the old White Bank of England notes. For the first time, the notes carried a logo or picture rendition, this is Saint George slaying the Dragon. The note is listed in Pick, the World Banknote Catalogue, (PS116) as RARE and unpriced.

They are Uncirculated from the original book, they were printed and bound in some 125-130 years ago. When issued, the note and the counterfoil would have been numbered and then cut out with a jagged cut.

We found a listing on the internet recently where one £50 note was offered in a German auction in January of this year. The estimate was €1,800 which is about £1,500! So what we are asking £1,300 less than the auction estimate. We do think that the estimate was too high and we don’t know if it sold or not. But we believe our price is  very reasonable.

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