Maldives, 1/2 Larin 18-19th Century

Many of you have been to the Maldives on holiday, but I’ll bet you have never seen this coin. It is a 1/2 Larin issued at the end of the 1700’s beginning of the 1800’s. It has Arabic writing on both sides, they converted to Islam by the 13th Century. The condition is Good Very Fine and they are a wonderful small coin, one that we have never offered before. We would guess that most people who live in the Maldives have never even seen one, let alone owned one. Supplies are limited and it is the first time that we have been able to offer it for sale.
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In our opinion, the Old Head or Widow Head but of Queen Victoria is the most underappreciated of the three different busts made during her reign. Here we offer the Old Head Farthing in VG-F. Dates will be of our choice.