Malaya Wartime 1 Cent 1943 Unc

In 1939 the Malayan dollar replaced the Straits Settlement dollar and it remained the territory’s currency until 1953. We have a number of high grade 1943 cents in Uncirculated condition. Like similar denominations of the Straits Settlement dollar that preceded them, these coins are also square with rounded corners. These were reduced in size by the colony’s Currency Board during the war to save money and due to a shortage of materials. King George VI appears on the obverse with the denomination within a beaded circle showing the issuing authority, the Commissioners of Currencies of Malaya.
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Charles III 2024 Silver 1/10 Britannia

The smallest silver coin issued by the Royal Mint is the 1/10th Britannia, containing one tenth of an ounce of pure silver. Under the late Queen Elizabeth II, they only issued it once in uncirculated condition and that was in 2006. They have just released the first ever 1/10th Britannia for King Charles III dated 2024. This coin has a nominal face value of 20 Pence and they are in Prooflike Uncirculated condition. The last lot we had sold out very quickly but the rise in the cost of silver has meant that we had to increase our price slightly.
New Zealand Golden Wedding Anniversary Coin Cover

New Zealand Golden Wedding Anniversary Coin Cover

Here is a fantastic Commemorative Coin-Cover that we have never offered before. It is a limited and numbered edition by Mercury issued to commemorate the Golden Wedding Anniversary of our late Queen and Prince Philip in 1997. It features a crown-sized 5 Dollar coin from New Zealand showing a Coronation scene, which was struck at the Royal Mint, and a 40 cent stamp from New Zealand issued for the 50th Wedding Anniversary. The cover has a colour picture of the Queen on a walkabout receiving flowers from a group of children. Limited edition and limited numbers available so get in quick.
Picture of Ceylon, George III Retro Patina Crown, 1808

Ceylon, George III Retro Patina Crown, 1808

Struck in Cupro-Nickel, prooflike crownsized (38mm) coin.