Malaya & British Borneo, 10c 1961 Unc

This is a fantastic coin because it represents two countries that no longer exist and yet it carries the portrait of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. It is a 10 Cents issued by Malaya & British Borneo in 1961 just 9 years after she took the throne and the last year that they were issued. They are in Uncirculated condition but have mellowed just a bit over the past 61 years. Very Difficult to find today and somewhat rare.
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British West Africa, Edward VIII 1936H Penny

One of the only countries to issue coins with the name King Edward VIII on them was British West Africa. No countries issued coins with his portrait, just a few with his name on their coins. The coins of British West Africa have a star on them and a hole in the middle, so the natives could sting the coins and then wear them. There are 3 different denominations 1/10th Penny, 1/2 Penny and 1 Penny. All the coins were struck in this country and then sent to Africa. Here we are offering the one penny in Uncirculated condition. Buy it and then you can tell your friends that you own an actual Edward VIII coin. Remember he was King for only 10 months...
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