Lebanon, Mint Set 2002-18 (5 coins)

Lebanon used to be known as the Switzerland of the Middle East, now it is known as the Venezuela of the Middle East. Inflation is running wild and coins are almost never seen or used any more. Banknotes are used and their denominations are increased on a regular basis. There are five coins all in Brilliant Uncirculated condition: they are 25 Pounds, 50 Pounds with a sailing ship, 100 Pounds, 250 Pounds and 500 Pounds. They use to have coins for a fraction of a Pound and now they have them up to 500 Pounds. Definitely not an easy set to get, I am sure that these coins are already not in use because they are of too low a value.
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Croatia, Mint Set

This mint set comes from Croatia and is made up of 4 coins, the 1, 2, 5 & 10 Lipa. They were issued between 1997-2001 when the Croation currency was quite strong. All coins listed are in Uncirculated condition and many have now been replaced with different coins, making these rather interesting and difficult to get.
Mauritius, Mint Set 1987-2012 (7 Values)_obv

Mauritius, Mint Set 1987-2012 (7 Values)

7 coins four of them large to very large. 1999-2012, 5c and 20c plus ½, 1, 5, 10 and 20 Rupees the last one bi-metallic. The set is large and very interesting.
Picture of Venezuela Revalued 100-20,000 Bolivares (7 values)  Unc

Venezuela Revalued 100-20,000 Bolivares (7 values) Unc

Venezuela today has become synonymous with an economy in meltdown. In 2007 a new currency of Bolivares Fuertes was introduced to great fanfare. As the economic situation deteriorated, the government was forced to issue a revalued series of banknotes which was embarrassingly delayed being put into circulation because the printers demanded payment before delivery. This is the series which we are able to offer now. Our set comprises 7 values dated between 2016 and 2017 ranging from the 500 bolivares to 20,000 bolivares (P93-99). They are particularly colourful with illustrations of prominent citizens on the front and local fauna including birds, dolphins and armadillos. A wonderful set which we managed to obtain just before the government realised it needed to revalue yet again and rename the currency bolivares soberanos. Crisp Uncirculated 7 note Venezuela.