L K O'Brien Portrait 10/- B286 VF

L K O’Brien was Chief Cashier when the Bank of England decided to change the design of its banknotes from the Britannia series to the new Portrait series, which for the first time in the bank’s long history was to feature the portrait of the reigning monarch. This issue we can off er examples of the O’Brien Britannia 10 shillings (B271) and of the Portrait 10 shillings which replaced it in 1960. (B286) The Britannia design was introduced in 1928 under Mahon. The front featured a portrait of Britannia seated and the back a bed of acanthus leaves. The Portrait 10 shilling as its name implies featured a portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth II .The back retained Britannia but as a seated young girl. We off er Fine to Very Fine examples of the Britannia 10/- and Very Fine examples of the Portrait variety. Save when you buy the pair.
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L K O'Brien 10/- Red Brown Portrait B286 VF

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