Kazakhstan, 50 Tenge 2015, Anniv. Of Malik Gabdullin

50 Tenge 2015, 100th anniversary of Malik Gabdullin, KM#316, Prooflike Unc halfcrown size
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KM.316 Prooflike Uncirculated

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This One Peso coin was issued by Cuba in 1995 for the FAO or Food for All series of the United Nations. You have oxen on one side and the arms of Cuba on the other side. This One Peso is struck in cupronickel and the mintage is just 5,684 pieces. They are in Uncirculated condition but have mellowed a little over the past 26 years. Supplies are very limited and it would make a wonderful gift for a farmer.
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In the years since its creation in 1980, the Zimbabwe dollar has been a byword for economic instability and hyperinflation, having been re-denominated four times since then. However, this was not the case in the early years. This 1 cent coin dated 1997, made of bronze-plated steel, was minted in 1997 and came just before the first major currency crash later that same year. These uncirculated coins show the Great Zimbabwe Bird, or bateleur eagle on the obverse and the leaves of the flame lily on the reverse.
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