Julia Domna Extremely Fine Denarius

Julia Domna was descended from the Priest-Kings of Emesa, Syria. According to legend, before Septimius Severus was emperor he heard prophecy of a woman destined to marry a king, so he found her and married her! A very intelligent woman, celebrated for her learning, Julia Domna helped administer the empire holding many titles such as the exquisite “Mother of the Invincible Camps”. Like many empresses she also set fashion trends; it is thought she introduced the Romans to the wearing of wigs with her particular hairstyle still worn by Zenobia 60 years later! This hairstyle can be seen on the silver Denarius we offer in Extremely Fine. On the obverse is her draped bust with various goddesses on the reverse. We have not been able to offer Julia Domna like this in a long time, these high grade coins will make great gifts (especially for a lady) or grace any collection. Do not miss out!
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