John, Penny Fine

King John was the youngest son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, he was King of England from 1199 until his death in 1216, he was also granted Lordship of Ireland, and coins were struck in his name for use in Ireland. His reign was remembered more for the loss of large parts of France and quarrels with the Church and English Barons resulting in the signing of Magna Carta on 15 June 1215. The aim was to make peace between the King and the rebel barons and to ensure the protection of church rites. Here we offer these important silver pennies from his reign in Fine, a very collectible coin with detailed portraits. Very limited availability.
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Edward I_Penny_Bristol_Fine_Obv

Edward I, Penny (Bristol) Fine

Edward I ruled from 1272-1307 and the Penny was struck in Silver. This coin is from a hoard we bought that had been found in Montrave, Scotland. It has been declared and are therefore legal to own. We do not deal in coins that have not been declared. We have a number of different mints in stock and some of the coins are available in two different grades. Here we offer the Edward I penny from the Bristol Mint in Fine. Each coin comes with a certificate of authenticity and remember they are over 700 years old. The supply is very limited, a great piece of British silver history at a most reasonable price.
George II_Sixpence_(Old Head)_1757-1758_Very Fine_Obv

George II, Sixpence (Old Head) 1757-1758 Very Fine

This Sterling Silver Sixpence was issued by King George II in 1757 and 1758 that means that it is now 260+ years old. The obverse has the mature bust of the King with long flowing hair and in a suit of armour. The reverse has four sets of crowned arms, England, Scotland, Ireland and France. Yes, we once owned part of France. The coins we offer are in Very Fine condition. If you want we can supply both dates, in either case these coins are 260+ years old. The Sixpence is often used at weddings to bring good luck to the bride. Nice coins with a lot of history offered in Very Fine.
Picture of Drachm of Ariobarzanes III Very Good

Drachm of Ariobarzanes III Very Good

Ariobarzanes III of Cappadocia was one of the last of the true Greek kings. He had the surnames ‘Eusebes Philorhomaios’ meaning ‘Pious and Friend of the Romans’. He earned this as the Roman senate helped put him on the throne about 52 B.C., just before the huge Roman civil war between the Senate, under Pompey the Great, and Julius Caesar. Repaying this he supported Pompey and the Roman Senate against Julius Caesar but when it was obvious that Caesar would win he switched sides to survive. Eventually, though this ‘treachery’ caught up with him! In 42 B.C. he was killed by one of Caesar's assassins, Gaius Cassius Longinus, for being fed up and refusing to allow more Romans to interfere in his kingdom. We offer a Silver Drachm from Cappadocia of Ariobarzanes III. They grade Very Good and show his head on the obverse with Athena holding Nike on the reverse. Add to your collection one of the last truly Greek silver coins from a ruler who learned the hard way, what did the Romans do for us!