Jersey, One Pound 1981 Unc

In 1981 the island of Jersey issued a commemorative pound coin to mark the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Jersey, which was an attempt by the French to invade the island in 1781 to protect its shipping lanes to America. The coin itself is square with rounded edges and shows Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and on the reverse is the Badge of the Royal Jersey Militia, which was instrumental in repelling the French attack. We can offer these coins in uncirculated mint condition.
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Guernsey, Battle Hastings Square 10 Shillings

In 1966 Guernsey issued a rather unique-looking pre-decimal 10 shilling coin to mark the 900th Anniversary of the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. This is due to the fact that it is square with rounded corners and though it circulated as legal tender, we can offer you them in uncirculated condition. The obverse shows the second portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and the obverse has an image of William the Conqueror. Although he was known as Duke of Normandy before his invasion of England, he also controlled Guernsey since he expelled a colony of pirates back in 1061. Even today the British monarch holds the title of Duke of Normandy on the Channel Islands.