Jersey Jubilee £100 2012 P37a Crisp Unc

This impressive £100 note was issued by the Island of Jersey in 2012 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee (P37a) The front is dominated by a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II commissioned by Jersey in 2003. A gold overprint with a Crowned EIIR appears to the left. The Queen wears a pearl necklace and the George IV State Diadem. A thick holographic thread is to the far right. On the back, the text is in English, French and Norman giving a nod to the Queen’s role in Jersey as Duke of Normandy. The Royal Mace dominates the back and the Jersey flag is in the background. All in all, a stunning note from Queen Elizabeth’s last Jubilee in Crisp Uncirculated.
SKU: BRB8910