Jasper Hollom (1962-1966)

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J Q_Hollom_Portrait_£1_B290_Replacement_AUnc

J Q Hollom Portrait £1 B290 Replacement AUnc

Crisp AUncirculated examples of the Hollom Replacement Portrait £1 with the catalogue reference B290. All replacement notes are scarce because they were issued in much smaller numbers. Their purpose was, as their name implies, to replace notes damaged in production. They were given a special prefix to identify them. In the case of the Portrait series, this included the letter M. Our Hollom Replacement Portrait £1 notes have the prefix –M. They are AUncirculated. Limited availability
J Q Hollom Portrait £10 B299 GEF_obv

J Q Hollom Portrait £10 B299 GEF

During the Second World War, the Bank of England did away with all denominations above £5 in an attempt to thwart counterfeiters. It wasn’t until 1964, when J Q Hollom was Chief Cashier, that the Bank reintroduced the £10 denomination into circulation. These new £10 notes followed the Portrait series with a youthful portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front with a lion trailing a ribbon in its mouth and holding a two-sided key in its paws on the back. This remained the highest denomination until 1970 and was issued under three different Chief Cashiers. We recently purchased a run of these first Portrait £10 notes with J Q Hollom’s signature (B299) They have seen no circulation and grade Crisp Good Extremely Fine. Lovely examples of the first Portrait £10 note in GEF.
Picture of J Q Hollom Portrait £5 B297 EF/GEF

J Q Hollom Portrait £5 B297 EF/GEF

J Q Hollom £5 Blue Portrait B297 Queen Eliz/ Young Britannia EF/GEF
J Q Hollom Portrait £5 B297 Fine_obv

J Q Hollom Portrait £5 B297 Fine

In 1963, the Bank of England unveiled a new £5 note. It was an historic issue because it was the first time the Bank had issued a £5 note with a portrait of the reigning monarch (B297) With the signature of J Q Hollom, a portrait by Reynolds Stone of the young Queen Elizabeth II appears on the front. She is shown wearing the George VI diadem and her trademark three strand pearl necklace. The figure of a child Britannia is on the back. We offer this historic note in several grades, Fine, Very Fine, Extremely Fine and Uncirculated.
Picture of J Q Hollom Portrait £5 B297 Unc

J Q Hollom Portrait £5 B297 Unc

J Q Hollom £5 Blue Portrait Queen Eliz II/ Young Britannia Unc

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