Japan 5 sen nd (1944) P52a Unc

This 5 sen note was the smallest note issued in Japan during the period 1942 to 1945 (P52.) Like its value, it is quite small. The illustration on the front is an equestrian statue of 14th-century Samurai Kusunoki Mashigi in front of the Imperial Palace. The back has a rosette and paulownia flowers. Uncirculated.
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Iraq  25 Dinars 1986 P73 Saddam_obv

Iraq 25 Dinars 1986 P73 Saddam

Iraq 25 dinars 1986 P73 Last note printed in West before the downfall of Saddam Hussein's whose portrait is on the front. Charging horsemen at centre/Fortified gate and monument. Unc
Picture of Libya, 1 dinar nd, 2004 (P68). UNC

Libya, 1 dinar nd, 2004 (P68). UNC

Issued in 2004 featuring Colonel Gadaffi. Crisp Uncirculated.
Picture of France, 200 Francs 1981-94 P155  Montesquieu  GF-VF

France, 200 Francs 1981-94 P155 Montesquieu GF-VF

This French 200 francs which was issued in the 1980’s and early 1990’s (P156) Its tapestry like design features Montesquieu, a political philosopher living in the 18th century in the Age of Enlightenment. To the right of his portrait a female figure holding a shield representing L’Esprit des Lois,(The Spirit of the Laws) a work he published anonymously in 1748 and which influenced the Founding Fathers when they drew up the American Constitution. The back features his portrait alongside a view of the Chateau de la Brede where he was born and a statue of Scylla a reference to his publication Persian Letters. Available in Good Fine- VF.