Jalayrid, Shaykh Hasan, Silver Dinar, Baghdad Mint, Square Kufic style, 1335-1356 AD About Very Fine

The Jalayirid Sultanate was a dynasty that ruled over Iraq and western Persia after the breakup of the Mongol khanate of Persia in the 1330s and which lasted about fifty years. The Jalayirid dynasty takes its name from Jalayir, the name of a Mongolian tribe from which it was descended. These silver dinars were struck in Baghdad in the name of Shaykh Hasan, the founder of the dynasty, between 1335-1356 AD. The beautiful calligraphy is typical of the period displaying Kufic-style script in a square on the obverse. Now over 650 years old and offered in About Very Fine condition and very affordable at this price but limited availability. This is the first time we have offered these coins.
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