J B Page Portrait £5 (B324) AUnc

High grade potrait £5. Very limited availability
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The Portrait £5 was first introduced in 1963 and was replaced as a design in 1971. It was an important departure for the Bank of England because it was the first time banknotes had the portrait of the reigning monarch, something we take for granted today.

The Portrait £5 was issued under three Chief Cashiers- Hollom, Fforde and Page. The notes issued with J B Page's signature turn up far less often than the others and are quite scarce in high grade.

These Page Portrait £5 are in Crisp Aunc condition (B324) Limited availability.

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The 1973 Proof Set is a difficult one to get. Many of these sets have been spoiled by corrosion. All of the 1973 Proof Sets have medium to heavy toning, but some of them are so dark that we have to break them open and bank them. This was probably because of the glue they used to hold the pad down, too much rubber cement which gives off sulphur fumes. The sets we have on offer have medium toning which is quite hard to get. Each set contains the 50p, our first commemorative, 10p, 5p, 2p, 1p and 1/2p. Each set comes in the plastic case as issued with the red card wrapper. Nice sets of the 1973 issue are very difficult to find.
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J B Page Portrait £10 B326 Unc

We are delighted to offer choice examples of the J B Page Portrait £10 issued in 1971(B326) The fronts have a youthful portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with a lion astride the back trailing a ribbon from its mouth. Choice examples of the last Portrait £10 before it was replaced a mere 4 years later in 1975.