J B Page Portrait £1 B321 Replacement A Unc

These £1notes are Replacement notes, produced to replace notes damaged in production. They would have been inserted into packs and are identified by their prefix which usually contains the letter M. These are from the Portrait series when J B Page was Chief Cashier an the pregfixes could be either S-M, R-M or W-M (B321) Crisp AUnc.
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J B Page £1 Green Portrait B321 Replacement Unc

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Jersey Liberation £1 1995 Liberation P25 Unc

In 1995, Jersey celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the liberation of the island after the Second World War. The Channel Islands were the only part of Britain to be occupied by German forces during the war. The front follows the usual design with a facing portrait of Elizabeth II with an overprint to the left marking the 50th Anniversary and a special prefix LJ (Liberation of Jersey) The back depicts a Wartime Jersey £1 note and a view of the Liberation Monument (P25). Uncirculated.
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Jersey £1 P20 Baird Unc

These £1 notes were issued by Jersey in 1991 when George Baird was Treasurer.(P20) The front is dominated by a not very flattering portrait of Queen Elizabeth II wearing Garter robes.The back has a view of St Helier Parish Church.
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Jersey £1 nd (1976-88) P11b Unc

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