J B Page Pictorial Wellington £5 B334 Unc

It was while J B Page was Chief Cashier at the Bank of England in the 1970s that the Pictorial £5 was introduced. The front of the note has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in State Robes alongside a medallion of Britannia and a vignette of Winged Victory. The back has a portrait of the first Duke of Wellington and a vignette from the Peninsular War. There were several varieties of the Page Pictorial £5 and this issue we can offer Uncirculated examples of the second and third varieties which were printed on giant web presses (B334 presented here and 336) The fronts were printed intaglio and the backs offset litho, shown by the addition a small L on the back. If you are missing these varieties- now is the time to add to your collection in Crisp Uncirculated
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J B Page £5 Blue Pictorial B334 Queen Elizabeth/ Duke of Wellington/ Little L on reverse Unc