Italian States, Naples, Roberto d'Angio, Gigliato. Extremely Fine-Good Extremely Fine

Robert of Anjou, known as Robert the Wise, was King of Naples from 1309-1343 and was a central figure of Italian politics at the time. He was born around 1276, the third son of King Charles II of Naples and Mary of Hungary. After the death of his elder brother, Charles Martel of Anjou in 1295, Robert, became heir to the crown of Naples. These silver coins issued in his name between 1309-1317 are known as Gigliato because of the lilies (Giglio in Italian) depicted on the reverse entwined around a cross. It was a coin of .929 fine silver weighing 4 grams and was first introduced by Charles II in 1303. It became the dominant silver coin of its time and was very similar to the French Gros and the English Groat in size and weight. The obverse shows Robert enthroned facing holding a sceptre and cruciger with the legend +ROBЄRT DЄI GRA IЄRL ЄT SICIL RЄX around. Available in two grades to suit your budget but a fantastic coin now over 700 years old and well preserved. Limited availability
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