Ireland, Sixpence 1939 Fine

Struck in Nickel. All coins will grade at least Fine condition.
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Picture of Congo, 10 Francs (Templar Knight) 2010 Prooflike

Congo, 10 Francs (Templar Knight) 2010 Prooflike

This ia a 10 Franc crownsized coin issued by the Congo in 2010 as part of the series that honours famous fighters. It is in prooflike condition, now 13 years old and rather a handsome piece. Prooflike.

Bronze Halfpenny Monarch Collection

For several years we have been offering a Monarch type collection of Pennies. Now we are offering the same type collection but of halfpennies. The Halfpenny is much more difficult to get than the pennies and supplies are limited. You get a halfpenny of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George V, George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. All are in selected circulated condition and believe us, these sets are not easy to put together. Remember that two of these bronze halfpennies are over 100 years old.