Ireland, Sixpence 1939 Fine

Struck in Nickel. All coins will grade at least Fine condition.
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Mauritania 6 Coin Mint Set 1973-2014

Mauritania is in the North of Africa between Morocco and Mali. It only became Independent from France in 1960 and was the last country in the world to abolish slavery (1981). Even today, the Home Office suggest that unless you have to, it is better not to visit Mauritania. We have just had in a set of coins and boy are they difficult to get! There are six different coins, five of them Brilliant Uncirculated and one Extremely Fine. You get the 1/5th, 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Ouguiya. They are dated 1973-2014 and are a very difficult set to put together and perhaps smuggle out of their country. It is a fantastic set especially if you are collecting a set from each country. Considering the dangerous involved in acquiring these coins, hence we were only allowed to buy 100 sets.
Genghis Khan copper coin

Mongolia, Genghis Khan copper coin

Over 800 years old
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Iraq 25 Dinars 1986 P73 Saddam

Iraq 25 dinars 1986 P73 Last note printed in West before the downfall of Saddam Hussein's whose portrait is on the front. Charging horsemen at centre/Fortified gate and monument. Unc