Ireland, Queen Victoria Jubilee Head Patina Silver Proof

This is another in the Patina Queen Victoria Jubilee Head series. This time we are featuring the Irish issue. You have the brilliant Proof likeness of Queen Victoria in her Jubilee Head garb on one side. The other side has the seated figure of Hibernia in the Matt Proof incuse mode of this series. The mintage is just 80 pieces in Proof Sterling Silver and Coincraft bought the entire mintage. We thought they were so handsome and priced so right that our collectors would love them. Only 80 are made in Silver and our price is only £69.50, compare that with the prices that mints are charging all around the globe and you will see what a fantastic offer this is. You will love the Victorian design and the seated figure of Hibernia is also fantastic, but best of all, you will love the price.
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SKU: PAT0334