Ireland, Florin 1963 Fine

1963 Irish Florin or flóirín in Fine condition
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Prince Charles Investiture Collection - 2 Medals, 5 Stamps & First Day Cover

In 1969 Prince Charles was invested by his Mother Queen Elizabeth II as Prince of Wales. We know because it was the first Royal medallion that Richard (our founder) ever issued. Now of course he is King Charles III. We looked around to see what we could find to honour our new King and found some of these Investiture medallions from 1969. We were also able to find some sets of 5 different mint unused stamps as issued by the Post Office and to top it off some First Day Covers with those same stamps but cancelled on a special cover on the first day of issue. We have made up a unique Prince Charles Investiture Collection. You get two (2) of our Investiture medallions one silver-plated and one gold-plated in a handsome presentation case. You get the set of 5 Investiture stamps in mint unused condition and you also get those same stamps on a First Day Cover. Unlike some of the things that will be issued next year at what we think may be crazy prices, our collection is over 50 years old and priced to please you. You get the medallions, the mint stamps and the First Day Cover all for only £18.95. At this price, they make excellent gifts and they honour our new Monarch without breaking the bank!
Ireland, Florin 1951 Fine_obv

Ireland, Florin 1951 Fine

1951 Irish Florin or flóirín in Fine condition.
Ireland, Florin 1954 Fine_obv

Ireland, Florin 1954 Fine

1954 Irish Florin or flóirín in Fine condition