Iran 50,000 Rials 2021 P-New Unc

Iran has been suffering from rampant inflation and has been forced to revalue its banknotes. They recently lopped 4 zeros of the denominations. From this new series, we offer Crisp Uncirculated examples of the 5 (or 50,000) rials (P-New)The front has a portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini while the back has a view of the Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz alongside calligraphy of Hafez’s Ghazal II, Uncirculated.
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India 100 Rupees P105 Gandhi Unc

Iceland 500 Kronur 2001 P58 Unc

Iceland 500 Kronur 2001 P58 Unc

The portrait of Jon Sigurdsson appears on the front of this 500 kronur note dated 2001 (P58) He was the leader of the 19th century Icelandic independence movement and so important was he, that his birthday was chosen as Iceland’s National Holiday. The back shows Sigurdsson seated at his desk with Icelandic textbooks, a gas lamp and pen alongside a view of the façade of the Learning School in Reykjavik. Uncirculated.
Kazakhstan 500 Tenge 2017 PA45 Unc

Kazakhstan 500 Tenge 2017 PA45 Unc

These bright blue 500 tenge notes dated 2017 from Kazakhstan are printed both in vertical and horizontal formats. The front, printed vertically, shows flying doves over the Kazakh Eli monument in Astana with views of the House of Parliament. The back, printed horizontally, shows gulls over the Caspian Sea set within an outline of Kazakhstan. (PA45) Crisp Uncirculated.