India, Pair of Bombay Mint Canteen Tokens

Two canteen tokens of 5 and 10 denomination.
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These are the actual tokens that workers had to use to buy their meals in the Indian Government Mint (IGM) in Bombay, India. As with most mints worldwide it was illegal for people working there to carry money, after all it would be easy to confuse your money with the mint’s money.
We have never seen these before and for their appearance they look quite old. The denominations are 5 and 10 and we guess that is Pice.

The legend reads * I. G. Mint * Bombay / Canteen token 5 or 10. The five is round with a hole in the middle and the 10 is square with rounded corners and a hole in the middle. The hole was so the tokens could be stacked on a spike as they were used.

These are fantastic items and no doubt there would be great interest in India for them. But our collectors come first.

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