India, George V, 1/12th Anna Uncirculated, 1924

The smallest denomination issued during the reign of King George V in India.
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During the reign of King George V, many different denominations of coins were issued in India. The 1/12th Anna was the smallest of these denominations. It is a small copper coin and one that would have been used by the poor of the country, therefore to find Uncirculated examples is rather difficult.

The coins have the crowned bust of the Monarch on one side and the date and denomination on the other side. These particular coins are dated 1924, which is a date we have not had before. The coins are Uncirculated with full original lustre, but over the past 90 or so years, they have toned a little.

The smallest Indian coin, an unusual date, and top quality, all add up to make these coins rather interesting.

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