India, East India Company Treasure Coin 1808 Very Good

In 1808 the East India Company had some copper coins struck in Birmingham for use in India. The denomination was Ten Cash which was marked on the coin as X Cash. They were placed in wooden barrels and put on a ship called The Admiral Gardner to sail them to India. This is when the tragedy happened, the ship with all hands on board was sunk in the Goodwin Sands. It lay undiscovered for about 200 years until it was discovered by a crew of treasure hunters and brought up to the surface. Of course, after about 200 years under the sand and sea, the coins had some damage to them. I have graded these coins Grade B, which means that there is some damage to the edges what with all that has happened to them, they are still in very acceptable condition. We have graded them Very Good, Very Fine, and a very few in Extremely Fine. All the coins were professionally cleaned to preserve them. Each coin comes with a certificate of origin. British / Indian Treasure. These coins were purchased about 20 years ago when the Admiral Gardner was found.
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