Himyarite Kingdom (Modern day Yemen) Silver Coin

The Himyarite Kingdom was part of ancient Yemen, whose capital was Zatar. They were a trading nation between East Africa and the Roman or Mediterranean world. They were known for their trade-in Frankincense and Myrrh and their geographical position made them very important for trade. This choice silver coin is a Scyphate Quinarius from the 1st or 2nd Century AD, so it is about 1800-1900 years old and was struck in Raidan. There is a portrait of a man on one side and a small portrait of a man on the other side. These coins are basically in as struck Mint condition, cup-shaped. We did find a similar coin on an American dealer list about two years ago. It was priced at $195.00 (£150) and had sold quite quickly. Our coins are as nice or better, but our price is far more attractive.
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Alexander the Great Tetradrachm VF

Alexander the Great (336-323 BC), Silver Tetradrachm (25mm). Obverse: Head of Alexander as Herakles wearing lion-skin head-dress. Reverse: Zeus enthroned holding eagle and sceptre. Very Fine Condition. PHOTOGRAPH IS REPRESENTATIVE OF COIN SUPPLIED.
Picture of Gadhaiya Paisa

Gadhaiya Paisa

These Billon Silver coins were minted between A.D.1022 and A.D.1135, making them between 900 and1000 years old! They were created in India by those who fled the Islamic expansion and were based on Sassanian coins showing the side facing bust of the monarch on the obverse and a fire altar on the reverse. As time went by, they started to get less and less realistic as the reason for the designs were lost. This means that the coins we have from around 300 years later are very abstract! The stories of Sinbad the Sailor are based on the sea voyages that Arabic peoples made down across the Indian Ocean to Ceylon and these are the coins that the sailors would have found on their journeys. We offer you these Silver Billon coins called Gadhaiya Paisa that were the major trade coins of medieval India. The obverse shows a stylised head facing to the right with the reverse showing a fire altar made from abstract dots and lines. These are priced to please at £19.95.
Yazdgerd I_Silver_Drachm_obv

Yazdgerd I, Silver Drachm

The Sasanians were the last ruling dynasty of the ancient Persian Empire and controlled what is now Iran from A.D. 224-651. They constantly captured and lost large areas of territory outside Iran and were a major power in Western Asia, even capturing the Roman Emperor Valerian in A.D. 260! Interestingly though they do not leave many direct sources but the rulers were keen on producing coins to spread their name, so their coinage provides a direct insight into their world and the system of mints which spanned their empire. This means we are offering you the best way to learn about these peoples and a coin for your collection! Adding to this these are high quality silver drachms, containing around 95% pure silver which is about as good as it was technically possible to achieve at that point in history. We have two small groups in an exceptional grade from the Scarce consecutive rulers Yazdgerd I and Wahram V, his son. The obverse of the coins show the bust of the ruler facing right with their name written in front and various honorary titles behind the neck. The reverse shows an altar with the holy fire guarded by two standing figures. To the left of the altar is usually the regnal year and to the right is the mint mark (siglum). Presented here is the Yazdgered I Silver Drachm. The best thing about these coins is their grade, they are virtually as struck and as good as you will get. Own an exotic piece of history from this enigmatic empire!