George V, Handmade Sovereign Capital Plastic Case

We have just found a box of the Capital Case for the George V Collection of Gold Sovereigns of the World. For those of you who do not know Capital, it is an American company that hand makes prestige cases for coins. Each case comes in three parts of the finest archival Perspex on the market. The top, the middle which actually holds the coins and the top. They screw together with plastic screws to protect the coins. This case has space for seven Gold Sovereigns from the seven different Mints that struck them for King George V, Great Britain, South Africa, India, Canada, Australia Melbourne, Australia Sydney, and Australia Perth. This is a fantastic case and one that we had Capital make for us. Supplies are very limited and if you have ever wanted to put together a set of King George V Gold Sovereigns, this is your chance. We are offering this case at half its usual selling price!
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SKU: SSC9301