Hand-engraved oval Mother of Pearl Token

Made in the Far East for use in Europe as gaming counters, dating from early to mid 1800's
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These hand-engraved Mother of Pearl tokens were made in the Far East for use in Europe. They were made as gaming counters and they date from the early to mid 1800s. With a pagoda on one side.

We first had some of these a few years ago and they went very quickly, so if you are interested please don't wait and miss out.

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These porcelain tokens were made in Thailand during the Bangkok Dynasty (1782-1809). They were made and issued by the gambling houses or Hongs in Bangkok for use in their gambling establishments. They are coloured and each house had different tokens, to distinguish one from another. Because of a shortage of silver coins, these porcelain gambling tokens actually circulated as money in everyday usage. I understand that they circulated as late as the 1870’s. These porcelain tokens from Thailand are now over 200 years old, there are a number of different types. We can supply one or more for just £17.50 a token and remember what other 200 year old porcelain can you get for this little money?

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If you you support Arsenal you are going to love this 20 piece collection. Please remember we are not taking sides. But this set of 20 different chips are not in holders, but they are great value and we believe they were made about 2006-2007. If this set were issued today you would expect to pay between £140 and £180 for them. But our price is so special that we will hold it till we run out. We have listed the players in alphabetical order, each chip has a full colour photograph of the player and the position they held: Adebayor, Aliadiere, Almunia, Connolly, Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, Flamini, Gallas, Gilberto, Henry, Hleb, Hoyte, Lauren, Lehmann, Ljungbreg, Rosicky, Senderos, Song and Toure, This is a fantastic collection of 20 different full-colour chips!
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Today we call small coins copper, but they are struck in bronze or even Steel. The last British coins struck in copper were of Queen Victoria and dated 1859/1860. So these Victoria Copper Halfpennies we are offering you were struck between 1838-1860. Dates will be of our choice and there are none of the rare dates in the group. You have the Young Head of Queen Victoria on the obverse and a seated figure of Britannia holding a trident on the reverse. The design was deeply engraved and the thick copper planchet made the coins strike even better